Fat, Ethnic and Underprivileged 

READ THE ENTIRE STORY AT: http://vitalsdaily.com/fat-ethnic-mischaracterized-underprivileged/

Apparently I had forgotten how Fat, Black (insert your assumptions about what my ethnicity is here), poor and generally underprivileged I was. That was until I entertain a short quiz posted on Buzzfeed today. I needed a few moments of mindless activity after a tasking day so I figured why not. (Well, why did I entertain the idea in the first place, I know. )

The quiz quickly reminded me of how long I’ve been on autopilot to the world and how hard I’ve had to fight for recognization as an equal amoung what is thought of as normal, mainstream society. I grew up in a working class family where my mother tediously worked away in manual labor from the wee hours of the morning until the sunset 100 miles away from our home. My grandmother taught me how to read and my father braided my hair in the mornings before school. While there are some tasteless occurrences I would prefer not to mention in my youth, let’s just say that it teetered on the  brink of a tragedy and a Madea Play.

Needless to say, I scored a 13 out of 100 on the quiz making me on this scale, verifiably underprivileged. The only things that kept me out of the single digits were the facts that I took an unpaid internship to try to get my foot in the door of mainstream media (even though I couldn’t afford it and went flat broke after 3 months in New York) and because of the fact that I’ve vacationed abroad on more than one occasion (not a privileged on my scale because I worked myself to death to indulge in the experience).


Read more of this article at http://vitalsdaily.com/fat-ethnic-mischaracterized-underprivileged/



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