When is it time to say goodbye? Steering away from Bad relationships 

There comes a time (or several) in relationships when you access the path of trajectory, when you assemble a stream of memories and grudges past to configure either an exit strategy or a path to the good stuff.

Now, you’re already thinking … Whether good or bad , you’re visualizing your relationship dynamic. Some may say, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life! Others may disagree. For those who are aptly disappointed and unhappy in long-lasting misery, ask yourself if the exit strategy has been prolonged for more than an eon.

Well, for there to be change, one must take action! And of course, the best thing isn’t always the easiest or even the best at the given time. Still yet, action is necessary for either growth or simply to get the hell on with your life.

Comforts of suburban bliss coated in paisley sheets be damned! A cottage by the seaside won’t save a hellacious romance (if you’ve gotten to the point of describing it as hellacious, you may be too far gone 😉).

Bored, bantering, battered or shamed; if your honey isn’t cheering on your name and lying out the safety net for rainy days then… What’s the point? I’ll tell you what.We accept routine comfort, otherwise known as complacency and the familiar.

The esteemed 90’s classic What’s Love Go to do with it?  Chronicled one of the greatest butterflies in modern history, Tina Turner. She rose from  down home rags to riches with the help of a strong voice and wholesome character, and by the hands of the ever so memed Ike Turner.

The film follows the two over several decades as they celebrated and grew as a team until the romance turned sour.


In the midst of an explosive career and the spawning of a family (between drug fueled beatings by Ike) Tina gathers the strength to give Ike the good ol’ heave ho. While her first few attempts weren’t incredibly successful, her perseverance and will to make a change granted her release.

Seriously, if any of us can’t muster up the courage to any one of the millions for songs giving you step by step instructions …

  • Bad Romance – GaGa
  • Toxic – Britney
  • (Ahem) What’s Love got to do with it? – Tina
  • Contagious – Ronald Isley

Then, we may have a problem. Ask yourself, what would be best for us both to lead happier lives? What is in my best interest of health and wellness, what changes can be made to effectively rid myself of pointless grief?

You could spending months, years, decades even, playing cat and mouse with your will to be rational and courageous. Years of couples therapy, years of putting your Pomeranian or 4 kids through the hellfire of constant bickering.

Like cigarettes, heroin or alcohol; LOVE is addictive, even in its worst form. However, in the beauty of love, in it’s most pure a form, it can be intoxicating, and blinding. Love when it is ripe can also be very  overwhelming, creating an almost claustrophobic ambience settling in between the love space.

In both dynamics, fear inhibits the ability for growth and fulfillment. Either fulfillment with or without a partner depends solely on your present situation. From your current perspective, it may appear that loneliness may last a lifetime, minutes seem like hours and days, like weeks.

No matter what the day, no matter what the hour, take whatever road you see fit.  Most or least travelled, both the road, and life… will do on.


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