Will you Marry me… Paris?

My first trip abroad was to Paris, the quintessential city of extreme romance and pity wine. I just so happened to be visiting my best friend so we enjoyed a fun filled pity party of wallowing in our singledom and shame. My, may I tell you, it was one of the most spectacular times of my life.

The air of Paris, a tinge of Baguettes, espresso steam floating through the streets; you hardly notice the fog of cigarette smoke, (I guess it spreads itself evenly across the country 😉 ) . From the moment we hopped into a lift and made our way into the city, I was smitten. Paris seemed massive in contrast to the claustrophobic depths of New York, and by the wits of me I was baffled with how spotless the city was in relation to its sheer grandiosity.

Every building was in rhythm with the next, sculpture, pillar, stone, fountain, cobble stone. I thought I had fainted. It was even more breathtaking than any romantic comedy had ever painted it. Zipping through the streets, a man handed me a rose through the window from his scooter. If I were to say Enchanté would I be trying too hard? Hah!

Finally we arrived at the Legend Hotel in the chic little neighborhood of Montparnasse. I must say that I am a master of choosing the most quaint and quirky Boutique hotels. Although space can be tricky in paris the romance of the room was sure to make up for any qualms one may have with its petite design. There was a balcony in each room overlooking the city withe the most breaktaking, uniquely parisian view (i.e. pointlessly depressed and love drunk).

After relaxing in the hotel for a bit we decided to get dressed and take in a bit of the sites from the immediate area and grab a bite. Paris is a beautiful walking city but I must say, bring your fare share of cash as cab does come in handy. We ended up rather near by at a lovely restuarant that takes you back in time to an age of floral decadence and femininity, The Montparnasse 1900For those who don’t know a single lick of french they do not offer an english menu but if you’re into Foie Gras, they have the most excellent dish that I’ve ever placed in my mouth.

The ambiance of the restaurant and the entire city is just beating with fluid conversation as if it were an age before technology, where people spoke without twiddling away online and had thoughtful exchanges over a glass of wine. The decor is purely ornate to say the least, every square foot is chocked with exquisite elemental design with an exceptional bohemian charm embodied by the sculptural work and decor. They’ve described their history as a hot spot for the intelligentsia and the major artists of the day all gathered in this legendary bohemian quarter, and the hot spots of Montparnasse welcomed the most prominent figures of the day, from Picasso to Modigliani, Cocteau, Trotsky and Fitzgerald. This is the rich, historical tradition that shaped Le Montparnasse 1900.


While there is much, much to tell of my sweet Paris, from nearly getting stabbed to a showdown with a prostitute and a magical evening at Le Crazy Horse; you all must wait until my next installment from the magic of Paris. So please, Paris, won’t you marry me?  

Enjoy a few snaps in the meantime from our adventure.




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