Free Yourself from Negativity

Some friends may read this post and say that I’m the furthest from the proper person to scribe this post yet they may just be the negative Nancys in the end. Overlooking the past 365 days and further on and on I’ve found myself toiling back and forth on the brink of light and dark, after all without one or the other, neither would cease to exist. The greatest artists of the ages have nearly all been said to have battled with a touch of sadness and emotional imbalance. So what makes either you or I unique you ask? Nothing really, simply the fact that both you and I are individuals and our life experiences will vastly vary.

So “I’m a bit down, I’m wallowing in self pity…” you say, a tear is shed and you sit in a dark crevasse also known as you bleak tiny apartment or grandiose sprawling summer home and think… how much time am I wasting wallowing? Or you may say, is time even relative?

Screenshot 2016-08-11 20.24.26

Every Google search, every Reddit board and every Pinterest post will give you 1000 reasons why you shouldn’t end it all today, you should find a Life’s Purpose and recite 5 quotes a day to yourself while smiling into your bathroom mirror.


No, you shouldn’t falsify your happiness for the comfort of others, you should feel every ounce of sadness or none at all (whichever tires you out the quickest). You see, without emotion, and a broad spectrum of emotion at that, we are inhuman. Humanity would cease to exist without the crux of insanity and the woes of darkness. Highs would not be highs and lows would not be lows without the merriment of the other.

Don’t forget your pain, don’t tuck it away in a festering recess of your mind, feel it and feel it now so that you may free yourself from it later. Free yourself from Negativity by freeing yourself from the idea that you’re the only one who has less than savory moments in life. It’s either that or quickly stock up on your anti-anxiety meds.







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