Road Trip Music

I’ve been on my fair share of Roadtrips and I find myself always in search of the right music to fuel not only my mood but the tone of the trip. This past weekend I ventured into the Anza Borrego Desert which was one of the most breath taking and albeit treacherous roadtrips of my life. I’m glad that somehow my phone still held a signal and I could get by on a single bar holding strong for both my GPS and my Spotify playlist

My tastes are eclectic in every facet of my life, needless to say my taste in music is exceptionally diverse. (Yes I was in band and yes I was a saxophonist in another life) My history shaped my musical tastes, hailing from the south and bred by chicagoan two stepper and a southern bred prince super fan…. my playlists can get a bit — interesting hah! So check out my Medley of musicians and enjoy the beautiful snap above from my adventures in Borrego.

Listen to my Playlist here!

Screenshot 2016-08-12 03.32.38

Screenshot 2016-08-12 03.37.45

The list goes on and on.


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