Barcelona Stole My Heart

From the moment I crossed the border into Spain I was purely captivated by the landscape. The streets were dotted with Palm trees, the sky dazzled with sunlight and the city was vibrant with laughter and music. Everything seemed as if the city was awaiting my arrival, I had found a place that I could spend the rest of my life. The air was clean and the streets held secrets around every bend.

Quaint cafe’s, paella for days and art to suit the fancy of every connoisseur. Barcelona is simply BRILLIANT. Our first stop in the city was to check into our hotel, a very aptly named Chic & Basic BORN boutique hotel with exquisite design  in the most eclectic neighborhood, El Born.  With a breathtaking combination of old world architectural detail combined with an elegant yet bold modern flair, this hotel is a must to experience at least a cocktail in the hotel bar.

After taking a break in the room we headed out to grab a bite and take in what sights we could on a warm summer evening, not without a bevy of sangria of course. Right across the street from the hotel lies an exquisite restaurant with near nightly live entertainment, El Foro Restaurante which serves the most amazing caramelized duck with a raspberry sauce and a fantastic wine list to match. Outside the feel of a quaint french bistro awaits with the spanish flair of Barcelona. People chat at their tables, every language from french to russian, english to italian is heard over the warm air. Justly to say, Barcelona is a hub for the eurocentric traveller and welcomes the most eclectic world citizens.

After our triste with the culinary delights we took a stroll around El Born, scoping out the vivacious bar scene at Mix  and the calm serenity of the Basilica of Santa Maria del MarThere is so much to see from day until night, the atmosphere migrates from vivacious and playful in the daylight onto sensual and romantic all through the night, a perfect destination for a madly in love couple on their honeymoon, or two wild girlfriends seeking an adventure!

I’ll be in touch with part II of this endless city, until then.







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